“Play is the highest form of research” ….said Einstein.

We at the Pre-Primary Section of our school strongly believe in this.

A ‘Theme Based Method’ or a ‘Project Method’ is the foundation of the Curriculum of our Pre-Primary school, as is prescribed by the ICSE board that our school is affiliated to.

Each level i.e. Nursery, Junior K.G. and Senior K.G. have a theme which is the basis of all activities planned every month. As many as 20 Micro Teaching Units are planned for a month in an assortment from Solitary play to Interactive sessions, developing motor skills and motivating creativity through varied mediums. Emphasis is laid on language based activities to cultivate a flair for English

Time blocks are charted for conducting each Micro Teaching Unit efficiently. Attention is paid on the holistic development of each child ranging from Physical, Emotional, Social and Cognitive aspects.

We believe in the significance of the ‘Readiness period’ which is so vital in effectively training each child to seek the goals that we motivate her/him to reach. We get each of our little students ready for formal schooling through the three years that she/he is with us. And we stand proud to see them graduating to the 1st grade effortlessly.