Children learn through observation, imitation, repetition and conditioning. They also learn through trial and error which we provide ample opportunities for. We take them through the known to the unknown, from simple to the complex using ‘Sensory Training’ which is the most effective method of teaching this age group. The three classic modes of learning utilized are Enactive, Iconic and Symbolic, to generate interest in the school curriculum, making it easy for the child and the parents.

The entire learning process in our Pre-Primary school is based on the fundamentals of doing, experiencing, feeling, observing and enjoying. Arousing child’s curiosity and further nurturing it into a learning experience, helps child enjoy his/ her overall schooling.

We aim at developing a sense of confidence about self, about the teacher and about the environment in child’s mind. Once this is established the child is receptive towards the school routine. We work towards moulding the child into a confident little one by nurturing various skills and by tapping the hidden talents, without compromising on the sweet innocence that the child is blessed with. We have a balanced disciplinary approach so as to make the student understand the dos & don’ts expected of him/her.

Various age appropriate teaching aids like flash cards, story books, informative books, picture books, puppets, soft toys, worksheets, activity sheets, prescribed curriculum books, audio activities, video clips and many more such activities give our students an opportunity to enhance the learning moments.

The graph of skills acquired by the child goes up gradually from Nursery,  Junior KG,  Senior KG. The child graduating from Senior KG is at par with the required scholastic skills to happily accept the Primary school challenges with confidence.