Smita Kshirsagar, the Principal of Blue Ridge Public School – Primary & Secondary Section says……

Dear Students,With hat – trick centuries at the ICSE we are now sure of our academic prowess. It is time for us to fine-tune ourselves in terms of “The little things that matter much”.

Let us all pledge to be particular people who fulfil their small duties ardently, right from wearing a neat, clean, well ironed uniform EVERYDAY to noting down the daily assignments and completing all our work EVERYDAY.

The ‘STUDENT COUNCIL’ office bearers have announced a special award for the same. Learn more about it from the Prefects. I am announcing one more special program ‘FIT AS A FIDDLE’ – a running program which will teach you how to exercise EVERYDAY to keep you fit and happy EVERYDAY. Come one and all join in all the above endeavors. Remember there is no single flight to success. We all need to…

‘Soar to Succeed.’… EVERYDAY


With lots of love and blessings
Smita Teacher and team, there for you… EVERYDAY